CCLEAr Business Offerings

The Agribusiness Incubators

Access to Funding

The incubation programme at CCLEAr AgriBusiness Incubator would help accelerate the process of both start-ups and companies becoming investor ready.

Business Advisory Services

CCLEAr AgriBusiness Incubator assists companies and start-ups with expert guidance from a team of experienced professionals in research, strategic planning, sales & marketing, finance, technology and management.

Intern Support and Network

The objective of the CCLEAr ABI internship program is to provide students an opportunity to acquire practical experience in the field of agribusiness. The program will afford students the opportunity to use the classroom theory in practical application. Representatives of a company may be willing to interview a student before final approval to have the student work in the company.Currently there are three areas offering internships for a six to eight-week duration. We are looking for interns to support three major areas of the incubator, which include: entrepreneurship and innovation, science and technology, and marketing communications. The incubation program will also provide a networking opportunity linking interns to other businesses and resources within the incubator community.

Mentorship for Start-ups and SMEs

Incubatees are matched with local agribusiness entrepreneurs in a mentoring program supported by PIMI, Ghana. Incubatees and mentors meet every month with the program manager selecting and carefully monitoring the mentors. The structure, format and content of the meeting are determined by the pair. The mentors are drawn from the wider business community, and provide advice to the incubatee. A plan is usually agreed upon and written up by the incubatee. The mentor would help to determine goals and timescale, and ensure that such objectives are being met. Mentoring can also lead to business opportunities and referrals for the incubatees as the mentor can provide much needed introductions. A simple ‘Mentoring Guide’ which gives an outline of how a mentoring program could work is provided as a guide. Mentors are required to fill out a simple report after every meeting and to always meet with the Incubator Manager when they visit monthly to share the progress of the company and identify constraints. Incubatees are also required to assess the mentor and their progress after every meeting, although this is not shared with the mentor.

Laboratory and Diagnostic Services

With both the CSIR-Animal Research Institute and the University of Ghana as partners incubatees at CCLEAr ABI has access to the National Feed Quality Control Laboratory, the animal-bias National Biotechnology Centre and other laboratory facilities to support microbial analysis of feed and livestock products, feed quality control and testing.

Provision of Animal Housing Facilities

CCLEAr ABI has available excellent animal housing facilities for grasscutter, poultry and pig businesses at affordable rates with flexible leases. Incubatees using these facilities would also have access to shared resources such as reception, internet facilities and other office equipment. Incubatees would be allowed to contract or expand into other spaces without signing annual contracts.

Linkages between Businesses and Academia

The incubation program will also provide feedback from industry to academia with the view to improving the delivery of agribusiness education.

Large Tract of Peri-Urban and Rural Agricultural Lands

CSIR-Animal Research Institute has large tract of both rural (i.e. the Demon Research Station located in the .Northern Guinea Savannah zone has a land size of 10,000 ha) and peri-urban (i.e. the Fafraha Research Station with a land area of 450 ha in Accra, and the Nyankpala Research Station, which is located in the Northern Guinea Savannah zone with a land area of 50 ha) agricultural lands, which are available for companies seeking ‘soft landing’ opportunities in the livestock sector.