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The incubation programme at CCLEAr AgriBusiness Incubator would help accelerate the process of both start-up CCLEAr (Creating Competitive Livestock Entrepreneurs in Agribusiness) Agri-Business Incubator is a public-private agribusiness incubator consortium jointly owned by Council for Scientific ...



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I am very glad for this project initiated by the various stakeholders especially the government of Ghana to help promote agribusiness in Ghana and also create more jobs for us the , thank you.
Eugene Tawiah‎
Great job, thanks for making agribusiness visible!
Richter C. Anani-Brempong

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Cold Van Rental

CCLEAr AgriBusiness Incubator of the UniBRAIN facility in Ghana is renting its cold Van. The Cold Van is now available to the general public for rental. Individual or corporate bodies in need of a Cold Van to rent can call on us. Our Cold Van rental prices are  very affordable.

CALL: 024 633 8420